Prophets of Post-Folk

Luomuduo (Olli Sippola – fiddle, and Sakari Keipi – guitar) are the self-proclaimed prophets of Nordic post-folk instrumental fiddle-guitar duo music. With their roots in the Finnish pelimanni tradition, Luomuduo was awarded first prize in Finland’s 2022 Konsta Jylhä Competition for their interpretations of legendary Finnish fiddler Hassun Pekko’s tunes. In addition to a deep-seated respect for tradition, Luomuduo have a healthy disregard for genre and stylistic boundaries, with a tendency to play whatever they feel like playing, within the limits of good taste, of course.

Luomuduo released their debut album Askola in 2021, after which Finland’s Kansanmusiikki magazine dubbed them “one of the most stylish bands on the scene today”.